Overturn the impracticability of virtual currency
PRE-ICO has been finished.
Let's make ALLN the Visa of Cryptocurrency.
White Paper
Airline and Life Networking Token is a decentralized application platform for real consumption created by Huafu Enterprise Holdings Limited
see Benefits
  • The ALLN system aims to interconnecting with the flight service of Far Eastern Air Transport Corporation (hereafter referred to as "FAT"), enhancing the possibility of further densifying and broadening its navigation network in various regions.
  • Through associating the cryptocurrency with the solid consumption economy supported by large enterprises.
  • Intending to be a leading blockchain-based system for real consumption.
  • ALLN system can serve as a transaction channel for smart contracts, consumption and asset allocation.
  • Realize infinite application of the cryptocurrency.
ALLN was built at HK for 9 years
Major strategic partner Fat has established for 62 years
FAT provides more than 20,000 flights each year
FAT has been certified as the best professional maintenance company in Taiwan area, from 2015 to 2018
FAT carries more than 3 million passengers among major cities
FAT's profit has increased by 429% in 2014
ALLN Application
ALLN takes the consumption style of credit card as a reference to establish a clearing center(Settlement center) for procedures in order to reduce the waiting time for exchanging commodities and forming business cooperation efficiently. To make Cryptocurrency a practical use.
The benefit of ALLN Token holder
Offer the exchange of tickets, merchandise and service in all service systems of Far Eastern Air Transport with a discount of 12%~45% off.
Ticket Exchange
The ALLN can be used to exchange for the FAT tickets and its peripheral services.
Shopping Discount
The ALLN can be used to purchase on the plane with high discount.
Quickly Expansion
ALLN will be accepted by subsidiary companies of the FAT's affiliate companies, so as to acquire a large number of transnational users .
ALLN Token Strategic Partners Program
The development team of Huafu Enterprise Holdings Limited (hereinafter referred to as the ‘Development Team’) has been deeply involved in the tourism industry for many years, specializing in the trend analysis and business model design of aviation and tourism industry.
With the application of blockchain technology, the Development Team focuses on product innovation and service quality improvement in the future of the tourism industry, and creates aviation tourism blockchain and cryptocurrency ‘Airline and Life Networking Token (hereinafter referred to as ALLN) for establishing a consumer application ecosystem with all related companies of aviation tourism industry.
In August 2018, ALLN prioritized cooperation with Far Eastern Air Transport (hereinafter referred to as FAT), which is deeply operated in Asia and China destinations, to become a payment tool of ticket purchasing. ALLN not only achieved a new milestone for the aviation industry, but also created a new application, convenient and safe circulation of the aviation tourism consumer market entity.
In the future, it will be extended to other strategic partners, including travel agencies, hotels, high-level clubs and tourism real estate, livelihood consumer and retail industries, to achieve the target of consumer application by cryptocurrency with a large ecosystem.
In order to create benefits and enhance additional value, the Development Team upholds an open and happy attitude. We sincerely welcome various cooperation proposals, flexibly use both resources and create diversified cross-industry services. We look forward to working with you to create a win-win situation!

Introduction to ALLN Team


Bachelor of Industrial Engineering and Management, National Taipei University of Technology
Maintaining relationships with the media, holding press conferences, releasing news, conducting dynamic analysis on the media, interviewing with reporters, arranging special reports on enterprises, engaging in other communication with the media, and monitoring the effects of advertisements

Current Position:
Vice President, Far Eastern Air Transport Corporation


Bachelor of Computer Science and Information Engineering, Ming Chuan University

Vice President of Services, TransAsia Airways,
Specializing in air and ground crews’ operations and the according standard operation procedure, ground handling agent business, and private operation of business aircraft

Current Position:
Assistant Vice President of Information Department, Far Eastern Air Transport Corporation
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